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About Shibboleth

Shibboleth is Yale’s only undergraduate journal dedicated to specifically Jewish content. Shibboleth hopes to enrich the Jewish conversation at Yale and in the world, and to amplify the voices of emerging Jewish scholars. We are a forum for debate in the spirit of Hillel and Shammai and an intellectual community.

In addition to an annual High Holiday reader, we publish three Shibboleth issues each year: a general issue in the fall, and two themed issues in winter and spring. We accept a variety of pieces, including essays on Jewish thought, culture, identity, and history; creative writing relating to Jewish content and themes; and translations of Jewish texts. Whether it’s an assignment you wrote for class, original content, or just the seed of an essay that you’d like to develop further, consider sending it our way.


Editors-in-Chief: Ruthie Davis and Yosef Malka

Associate Editors: Max Bamberger, Netanel Schwartz, Elio WentzelMedad Lytton, Isabelle Kim-Sherman, Zachary Suri, and Sammy Rosenberg

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